Ultimate Guide For a Hurricane Proof Home

Ultimate Guide For a Hurricane Proof Home

Hurricanes, tornados, and tsunamis are examples of extreme weather that can cause horrendous damage to non hurricane proof homes. Extreme weather conditions can leave trails of destruction, injuries, and death. Hurricane-prone areas such as Florida experience millions of dollars in damages due to hurricanes. Many homeowners and business owners have to rebuild their homes and hurricane proof their establishments after a hurricane. However, these cases have been on a major decline. More people are now taking the necessary precautions to protect their homes and hurricane-proof their homes.

Hurricane Proof Windows

Windows are the most vulnerable parts of a home. They need extra attention when it comes to protecting your home from a hurricane. Some of the protective measures you can take include.

Installing a hurricane film- This is a cheap and low-maintenance film that is popular among homeowners and is applied once and can stay in place for an entire year. These films can help by protecting the glass windows from shattering. This helps to prevent strong winds from ripping the entire window frame and makes them hurricane proof.

Putting in place a new window- Getting new heavy-duty and wind-resistant windows capable of withstanding strong winds from a hurricane installed. Manufacturers have been creating modern windows with stronger frames and fitted with shatter-resistant glass with other benefits such as thermal regulation. 

Getting storm shutters installed – This the best options when it comes to protecting your home against a hurricane. Strong winds can turn harmless items into missiles that can cause injuries and even damage parts of the house. Storm shutters can be installed permanently or temporarily. The latter being installed before a storm and removed after. There are various options for storm shutters you can choose from, with most homeowners preferring to use metal storm shutters due to their strength and durability.

Hurricane Proof Doors

Homeowners living in hurricane-prone regions have limited choices when it comes to choosing doors for their homes. Garage doors, backdoors, and most importantly, the front door all have to be strong. Door options are limited to the strongest and most durable doors that are capable of withstanding strong winds and flying debris. The door should also be able to stand pressure created by winds moving at 250mph. Having a secure door is not a second option if you are looking to protect your home’s general integrity.

Once the winds make their way inside the home, it’s easy for them to rip open the roof and damage property in the home, something a secure door can safely guard against. You can go the extra mile and get a sturdy front door installed as well. Aside from having a sturdy door, homeowners can try out the door braces to further boost the door’s resistance against strong winds. 

Hurricane Proof Garage Doors

Garage doors pose a major risk to homeowners during a hurricane storm. Any slight damage to the garage door can let in pressurized air that quickly changes the entire house’s air pressure. A buildup of pressurized air in the house could lead to serious damages and injuries. Buildup can cause the pressure to become forceful, blowing off the roof, and can damage sections of the wall.

You need to give the necessary attention to the roof if you are looking to survive a hurricane storm. You can either replace the entire door with one built to combat a windstorm, or you can install reinforcement. Just like the front door, you can install security door braces to hold the door in place and increase its resistance against the prevailing winds.

Reinforced Roofs

Regardless of the prevailing weather conditions, the roof is usually the first line of defense against any damaging weather. Your roof is subjected to extreme sunlight, heavy downpour, high winds during a hurricane. Windstorms can easily remove the roof shingles and cause damage to the integrity of your roof if not done properly. Here are a few options when it comes to hurricane-proofing your roof.

Reroofing or replacing your roof- A hurricane can cause considerable damage to your roof. Do not wait until the next storm to find out if your roof can withstand another storm. Check your roof for damages and replace the portions that are beyond repair. You can also decide to reroof using better materials capable of withstanding strong winds. Metal roofing options or clay roofing have become more popular among homeowners because of their strength and durability.

Roof-to-home attachment– There are several cases where strong hurricane winds have blown off entire roofs from houses. To safeguard against this, you can consult with a roofing expert on the best way to connect your roof to other parts of the home’s frame. You can either choose the roof-to-wall connection or roof-deck connection for better results. Steel clippers are used to fasten the roof to the point of connection on your home’s frame, walls, rafters, or trusses.

Installing a Secondary Water Barrier

Heavy rains also come with hurricanes. The best way to protect your home from water damage or flooding is by installing a secondary water barrier. This is one of the latest home upgrades, especially for people living in areas prone to weather such as hurricanes or tsunamis. The water-resistant material is placed just under the outer roofing materials like the tiles and shingles. This can also come in handy later when protecting your home from any leaks.

Protecting your investment before a storm from the harsh elements will save you in the long run. It may cost extra than you intended, but it is advisable to put in place the necessary measures to protect your house from any damage. It is easier and cheaper to hurricane-proof your home rather than having to rebuild after every storm. At Williams Remodel we know to properly hurricane proof and remodel your home so it can withstand all of Florida’s extreme weather. 


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