Simple Renovations To Increase Your Homes Value

Simple Renovations To Increase Your Homes Value

The greatest feature of any home, new or old, is that it is yours! Homes are all about personalizing. Here are some suggestions if you’re feeling creative or in the mood to make some changes. You’ll not only be more pleased with your surroundings but it can increase the value of your home. Read on to discover how your local contractor can make quick, simple renovations that can greatly enhance your home’s aesthetics.  

Enhance The Landscape and Outdoor Space

You can easily improve the ambiance and in turn, aspire to spend more time outside by adding landscape and porch lighting. For a beginner, the task is rather simple for an updated appearance; hang new lighting or swap out outdated fixtures. Get more advanced in your simple renovations by installing a fireplace, an awning for all-day shade, a pergola, or even a swing! 

Simple Renovations with Paint

A simple and quick update for a weekend project is paint. A fresh coat of fresh paint can make any room in your home look more inviting.

When choosing a paint color, neutrals are excellent because they are the most popular and are soothing as opposed to vibrant colors. When it comes to value, paint is the greatest option.

You can’t top when a gallon of paint that transforms your whole space costs less than $40.  In fact, Sherwin Williams has seasonal deals where you can use multiple coupons at once!

Add a Backsplash

The kitchen serves as the social center of the home. Adding a Backsplash can modernize it. Simple Renovations like replacing a backsplash or countertop can be done through a contractor. If you want, to make it a DIY project and are motivated, you might even finish this in a single weekend. Check out your local home Depot or Lowes to see if you are up for the challenge. Since the kitchen is the main living space in the house, upgrades and modernization will always increase its worth. 

Upgrade the Kitchen Lighting 

The way the kitchen is lit has an impact on how people go about their everyday lives, eat their meals, and host gatherings. Your kitchen light fixture serves as one of the home’s main focal points, which makes sense considering how much time is spent in there.

When updating kitchen lighting, keep in mind that little adjustments make a great difference. Instead of only focusing on lighting overhead, consider adding a dimmer switch, under-cabinet lighting, track lighting, and eco-friendly light bulbs.

If you want to be really fancy, there are pieces of Quarts that you can buy and install underneath your counter so that at night the countertop is lit up and glowing.

Minor Kitchen Remodeling

A simple kitchen renovation means you don’t have to tear everything out and start from scratch. You may be able to replace a few appliances or alter the kitchen cabinets, countertop, hardware, or flooring. Installing an island or more cabinets could enable you to make more space. Think about including some modern conveniences, like a wine chiller! There are several home accessories and organizational features to look for when buying a home. Try installing a pull out spice rack or drawer softeners.

Crown Molding Renovations

Crown molding is a beautiful accent that gives a room some elegance. It looks fantastic on the ceiling, in columns, and as cabinet capping.

Here are some step-by-step instructions for a simple renovation. Make sure the installation is done well to ensure that it will raise the value of your home.

Replace the Front Door

To increase the resale value of your home, replace an outdated entry door with a steel door from your local home improvement store. A steel door not only adds a contemporary touch to your property but also shields it from storms and extreme weather.

Replace the entryway with a more sophisticated remodel. Enlarge the entrance by adding windows, making your property appear larger and more welcoming.

Smart Home Technology

The use of smart home technology has a few unexpected benefits such as an increase in safety. Smart technology can detect water leaks, and fire risks, and increase home security.

A popular choice is to update your AC unit control to easily adjust air temperature with a phone app and use Ring cameras doorbells to detect any motion and keep connected to what’s occurring outside your home. 

Window Replacement

New windows are a simple renovation that provides a variety of advantages. They definitely enhance the exterior’s curb appeal. Windows can improve insulation, reduce noise, increase security, and save energy costs.

Garage Door Replacement    

Replacing a conventional stamp-style garage door with one that has windows at the top or something with panels will drastically improve curb appeal. Impact garage doors increase security against intruders and bad weather. Another simple and effective technique to give your garage some distinctive features is a coat of paint. 

Simple Renovations With Williams Remodel  

Williams Remodel continues to be one of South Florida’s top contractors. This is due to collaboration with amazing architects and designers to create ideas that are both beautiful and functional. Contact us for any home remodeling projects you have in the Palm Beach Counties, and Northern Broward. This includes Delray Beach, Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, Pompano Beach, Coral Springs, Fort Lauderdale, and Lake worth.


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