Home Renovations and Remodeling Trends for 2023

Home Renovations and Remodeling Trends for 2023

Will your planned home renovations remain in vogue next year? We’ve researched the remodeling trends you’ll be seeing around in 2023.

The latest trends in home renovations still reflect the post-pandemic mood of the general public. So far, we have seen bolder colors, larger window banks, aesthetic workspaces and a resurgence of wallpaper. And even though lockdown is becoming ancient history, most of these trends persist.

Research indicates that home remodels will be even more creative next year, with more people dissatisfied with the ‘individuality’ – or lack of one – in their living spaces. The bottom line? Average home renovation spend will significantly rise, by at least 15%.

This means you should start planning now. As early as possible, book a contractor and get an estimate so you can begin to secure financing. 

And of course, you should start thinking about design. Here are some of the emerging remodeling trends that are likely to become widespread in 2023.

Interior View Of Beautiful Kitchen With Island Counter In New Family House
  1. Multifunctional Kitchen Islands

The kitchen is a focal point of daily activity in a home. More than just a cooking space, it is a central hub for packing lunches, eating, chatting and more. The current trend is to make up space in the kitchen for more tasks, effectively turning the kitchen into a multipurpose room.

To this effect, kitchen islands are making a comeback into modern home design. They offer extra storage, hiding clutter in plain sight. For a small kitchen, an epicentered island can correct the issues that come with cramped countertops. Going forward, the trend is to build multiple layers of functionality into kitchen islands.

You can use the additional space of an island to install dishwashers, sinks and trash pullouts. You may also want to keep stools by the island for family members to sit. There are wide a range of kitchen island configurations you can choose, including:

  • Epicentered islands with a hanging lighting fixture
  • Island peninsulas that add to counter space without filling up the center of your kitchen 
  • Movable islands on wheels, that act as an extra countertop, workspace or dining table, as needed.

Remodeling your home with a multifunctional kitchen island can dramatically transform how you feel about your living space. It is an emerging trend that’s not going away anytime soon

  1. Outdoor Pergolas

With everyone still recovering from lockdown, outdoor areas have found more use than ever. The grassy outdoors of homes are now a place to hangout, have barbecues with friends or just relax.

Many homeowners now have dining tables and sitting areas outdoors to entertain guests. With a pergola, your outdoor space has a centerpiece where you can enjoy all the comforts of your living room. A pergola serves as a place to hang lights, keep a fireplace or even a TV to spend cozy evenings outdoors. 

If you are looking to improve your outdoors, you can choose an attached pergola or a freestanding unit. They both offer a remarkable view to the landscape and can be customized to suit a variety of themes and use cases. Consider some of these: 

  • Attached residential pergolas serve as patio roofs and provide a seamless transition between the indoors and outside. 
  • Wooden freestanding pergolas can be great entertaining spaces or dining areas.
  • Pergolas with hanging plants provide a stunning garden entrance.
  • A walled pergola can act as a garden office where you can take fresh air while working from home. 
  • Covers and screens can add some privacy to your pergola.

The design possibilities are endless. Whichever layout you decide on, taking advantage of the outdoors with an elegant pergola is certainly not going out of style.

Contemporary master bathroom during renovation vanity cabinet featuring
  1. Large Master Bathrooms

Perhaps as an aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, most of us have had to become more conscious of hygiene. This trend seems to have subtly driven more homeowners towards the idea of master bathrooms with large bathtubs and walk-in showers.  

Bringing spa-like features into the home is certainly another trend that will carry on to next year. Luxurious bathroom vanities with marble or quartz countertops, double sinks and backlit mirrors are becoming more mainstream, and will be commonplace features by the turn of 2023.

The large suite space provides a serene environment to unwind and relax with your thoughts, especially after a long day’s work. If you are looking to remodel your bathroom into a master ensuite, here are some remodel ideas to choose from

  • Freshen up the flooring with bold tiles that add textures or enhance the accents on the bathroom floor.
  • Use natural materials, such as wood, for warmth and that spa bathroom feel.
  • Install a luxury shower, with touchless faucets for the ultimate shower experience.
  • Consider installing a deep soak bath, highlighted by elegant lighting fixtures for the right atmosphere.

You have a vast array of design ideas to remodel your bathroom, so give it some thought. Investing in a luxurious ensuite will definitely upgrade the quality of your living space and the overall value of your home

Background image of graphic home office workplace in black and white, copy space
  1. Ubiquitous Workspaces

With remote and hybrid work options becoming the fad, the home office has had to evolve from a corner table to a dedicated work zone. However, the trend is now coming full circle. 

More people are finding that sharp work-life divisions don’t exist for them, and they need to multitask. Multitasking is all the more necessary in a household with kids. For these reasons, the closed off study can no longer serve as the sole workspace at home.

Going forward into 2023, ubiquitous workspaces will become even more widespread. Already, the multipurpose kitchen is a mainstream phenomenon, and it is not a far stretch to see how other parts of the house can be modified into a workspace. Here are a few design ideas:

  • Multiple rooms with window-facing tables and electrical sockets underneath.
  • Fold-out desks in the living room for kids to complete homework can be kitted out for a makeshift office.
  • Remodeled bedroom walls can serve as dedicated workspaces.
  • Multifunctional spaces, where you can complete household activities such as homeschool or cooking, can also double up as work zones. 
  • Outside structures are excellent workspaces options if you need to operate machinery that wouldn’t fit indoors

Notwithstanding these remodeling trends, you may need to have a dedicated office space if clients visit you at home. In that case an office renovation will be well worth the money.

Organization of home space, order, cleanliness and comfort. Household goods storage equipment. Wicker baskets made of trendy natural materials. Interior decor element.
  1. Built-in Storage

Minimalism is all the rage these days, and yet, many homeowners seem unable to get rid of stuff. According to tidying expert Marie Kondo, if it doesn’t spark joy, you probably shouldn’t have it around. And that is precisely the mainstream version of minimalism: hidden storage for items you don’t want to see daily.

Remodeling your home for better storage options can transform its overall aesthetic. You may decide to use open shelving or closed, hidden drawers. You can even use both to add decorations, maximize space and minimize the possibility of clutter. 

With more homeowners preferring a sleek, minimalist look, many more home renovations in 2023 will provide built-in storage. Some design ideas:

  • Kitchen cabinets with pull-out shelves;
  • Bathroom cabinetry kitted out with all those hair care and hygiene tools you don’t want to see lying around;
  • Under-bed storage with smooth-sliding drawers can streamline the look of your bedroom

We could all use extra storage, and the stunning impression such a remodel will give your home is one of refined elegance and good taste. 

How Much Will it Cost?

Good question. The answer is… it depends, (don’t you hate that). First, you need to specify whether you want to renovate or remodel your home. 

Remodeling adds extra functionality, and tends to be more expensive, while a renovation restores the house to its former beauty. Typically, renovating is much easier on your pocket, although that also depends on the scale and extent of renovation.

We recommend you seek counsel from the outset, to make the best choice based on your budget and aesthetic preferences.  A trusted contractor like Williams Remodel LLC,  can be an invaluable guide when planning to renovate or remodel your home. 

If you have a home renovation project in Palm Beach County, Florida, contact Williams Remodel today. Let us bring our ten years of experience in project management and construction to transform your house to a dream home.


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  1. Remodeling your house to have several in-home workspaces is a trend that I can really get behind. This way, you can manage a home that is also conducive to work productivity while preventing you from getting caught up in everything that happens at home. If I can find a home remodeling expert in the area, I’ll ask them to help me get this right for sure.

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