6 Questions You Should Ask Your Next Contractor

6 Questions You Should Ask Your Next Contractor

At Williams Remodel, we understand that it can be difficult to find a reliable home renovation service that offers realistic timelines and reasonable prices. Therefore, it is important to know the points to explore in order to improve the owner-contractor relationship.

The importance of looking for good contractors

Hiring a renovation company is a momentous decision that will mark the fate of the work for months and even years. Unfortunately, many people are unhappy with the outcomes of their projects, or with irresponsible workers who may cause damage and drive up costs.

When beginning your search, make sure you understand the details of the reform to avoid being scammed. Set a budget, decide on the style of renovation desired, and establish a realistic timeline for completion. This will help you orient yourself and know what to look for among so many offers.

Among the benefits of hiring a reliable home renovation service are:

  • Guarantee of work and possible damage to the structure if there is bad execution.
  • Processing of permits to carry out certain works (extensions, collapses, and others).
  • Good quality material guides at affordable prices.
  • Personalized attention, a serious company cares about its customers and sees it as a long-term relationship.
  • Offer realistic prices. Some companies reduce expenses by using low-quality products, employing inexperienced workers, or having hidden charges the owner must pay.
  • It guarantees qualified, responsible personnel and supervises their work during the work.

What are the 6 questions you should ask your next contractor?

To avoid a bad, inexperienced, or irresponsible contractor, we recommend you ask these 6 questions:

1. How long have you been in the home renovation business?

Years of experience are a valued quality in the world of reforms. Demonstrates ability to adapt to the times, history of loyal customers, competitiveness, and perseverance to do a good job. That’s why it’s essential to ask how long the contractor has been in the remodeling business.

A contractor with more years of insurance experience has an interesting range of professionals and providers. He can source quality masons, painters, carpenters, designers, and plumbers who also have connections in the market.

2. Can you obtain all necessary permits if required?

Permits to work in a home are necessary to avoid community sanctions and protect yourself from the law. However, permits are only needed for some reforms. For example, they are not necessary for simple works that do not involve structural changes or collapse of the walls (extensions).

Contractors need to be clear about when they need permits and how to process them to avoid problems for the owner.

Fines for reported violations can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars, depending on the severity. Companies generally include these permits among their costs as they are comprehensive reforms. The owner can ensure that everything is in order with the papers.

3. Are you licensed to work at my location?

It is important to check if your community requires a permit or certification to work in the area of ​​reforms. Be especially wary of home improvement companies that have only been on the market for a short time. Ask directly about the legal aspect of the company and check the certifications hanging on the wall (if any).

Careful! They can get you into legal trouble if they do not have a license to build.

4. Are there guarantees on your work?

Warranty agreements protect the homeowner in case there is any damage to the property during the home renovation. A written agreement is needed to protect the house from any damage to the walls, pipes, or other essential components. The company must cover a percentage of the damages or the totality in serious cases.

5. What do your service offer and budget include?

The budget part for reforms is one of the most confusing parts of the entire process. When researching companies, be sure to read the costs and review the materials and personnel carefully. This task takes time, so do not rush and try to ask the contractors for everything you need.

Be cautious when signing contracts with fixed amounts and terms, or those determined by working hours. Although in the latter case, the price will vary according to the hours the masons, plumbers, or painters work, this can make the rates more expensive and lead to misusing the schedules.

6. What will be the primary means of communication?

In general, the renovating companies communicate with the client through email, telephone lines, or on their Twitter or Facebook profiles. Therefore, ensure businesses are accessible in terms of ways to contact them.

Other points to note from the contractor

Their willingness to listen: When hiring contractors, assess their attitude and their willingness to collaborate to ensure a successful renovation.

Experience (previous jobs): Look up the company’s history, records, values, and vision to determine its years of experience. This demonstrates responsibility, commitment, and a range of interesting reform work to review.

Reviews: Check other people’s reviews of the company’s work. These can be found on its website, social networks, and other communication channels. Seek opinions on the forums and be open to hearing the negative and the positive. There is no such thing as perfection, so balance the two to make your decision.

Photos of their work: On the official websites, companies post pictures of real reforms in which they have participated. Check the style and organization you like.


We hope these 6 questions help you find the perfect contractor for your remodeling project and get the property of your dreams. Feel free to contact us and request a budget without commitments. We have the experience and dedication necessary to help you with your comprehensive and partial reforms.

Many people are unhappy with the results of the work done, or with workers who cause damage and drive up costs.


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