5 Reasons To Transform Your Pool Deck Before Summer

5 Reasons To Transform Your Pool Deck Before Summer

You may be wondering if you should invest in a pool deck renovation with summer right around the corner. If this idea has crossed your mind, then continue reading this article. There are many reasons why a pool deck is the perfect addition to your home. There are many different outdoor amenities you can add to your pool deck to make it the perfect backyard oasis. 

With summer upon us and school ending, kids will be spending more time at home. Summer brings more opportunities to entertain family and friends, and a pool deck is the perfect space. With more pool days and hot summer afternoons, choosing more head coverage around the pool can be a great option. There are endless ideas and variations of the perfect pool space that works best for your lifestyle and space. 

Continue reading about five reasons why this may be the best time to transform your backyard space with your dream pool deck. 

1. Kid Friendly Pool Deck

With summer here and kids spending more time at home, creating a backyard that can entertain your kids and their friends for hours is ideal for any parent. In today’s day in age, it is so difficult to get your kids’ noses out of the technology and enjoy the outdoors. Unfortunately, summer time, especially in a state like Florida, brings the hot and humid weather. 

The summer heat can deter many kids from playing outdoors because of the extreme temperatures. Deciding to take the leap and build a pool deck in your backyard is not only a great way to entertain, but keep everyone cool in the heat. It is also a great form of exercise for kids during the summer without them even knowing it. It is so important to get your kids outside and soaking up vitamin D while having a blast. Take it a step further and add an outdoor refrigerator stocked up with water and snacks ready for a long day of fun. 

2.Comfortable Space for Entertainment

With the perfect outdoor space and your new pool deck, not only will your kids want to have their friends over, but it gives you the opportunity to entertain guests. There are thousands of ideas when it comes to your ideal outdoor entertainment space. Whether it is twinkle lights and plenty of seating, or even a built-in grill and kitchen area for your deck around pool, your backyard area will be ready for endless summer nights with family and friends. 

Hosting gatherings and sharing your new space with loved ones is the best way to spend your summer days and create lasting memories. 

3. Create Your Backyard Oasis  

Depending on your personal vision, and of course budget, you can get very creative with your pool deck. Some may opt for a basic and timeless design with a pool and tile or wood deck. On the other hand, some may want an entire outdoor kitchen area, tiki bar or even swim up bar. When creating your perfect outdoor space, it can give the illusion of being on a summer vacation from the comfort of your own backyard. Add overhangs to block some of those rays and to help keep you and your family cool. 

Your backyard can be a place to escape and relax after a long work day or week. Hammocks and fire pits are always great additions to a pool deck to fully embrace the relaxation feel. Invite the boys over for Super bowl parties in the pool with an outdoor TV and surround sound. The Fourth of July is a summer holiday that most like to drink and grill and have a good time. With your pool deck and grill you can host the ultimate Fourth of July BBQ with your family and friends. 

4. Great Form of Exercise 

Swimming is a great form of exercise, and being able to step out into your backyard and having a pool is convenient. Getting your kids active in the summer is difficult with the intense weather conditions. When a pool is involved it doesn’t seem like exercise because it is fun. Swimming is also a great form of rehabilitation. After injuries or surgeries there are hundreds of low impact movements that can be done in the pool to assist with the healing and strengthening process. 

5. Add Value to Your Home

When you live in a warm climate like Florida, investing in a pool deck can be an attractive feature to potential buyers. Families with children also will look for houses that already have pools instead of having to utilize over populated community pools. According to HGTV, if you live in a neighborhood where many of your neighbors have swimming pools, your investment is probably solid. In fact, in those circumstances not having a pool might decrease your home’s marketability.

Are You Ready to Create Your Dream Pool Deck

If you have been going back and forth on whether to build your dream pool deck, this is the best time. Having your pool ready for summer gives your kids the chance to play outside and stay cool in the hot weather. You can begin hosting pool parties or outdoor dinners with more comfort and ease. If you are in the South Florida area and looking to get home renovations underway contact Williams Remodel for high quality work and beautiful results.  


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