5 Easy Bathroom Remodel Ideas

5 Easy Bathroom Remodel Ideas

You’ve come to the correct place if you want a DIY bathroom to remodel while saving money. Here are some quick home improvements you can complete over the weekend to give your bathroom a brand-new feel and appearance.

Swap and Adopt Accessories

Having complementary accessories is a good place to start when designing a relaxing bathroom remodel. If the tissue box, tray, and trash can are all the same color or design, for instance, the room will look more coordinated. Less chaos appears when the accessories are complementary.

Changing a towel rack, shower curtain, and coordinating towels is another simple improvement. Consider putting in a hotel towel rack to save some room. 

Candles and diffusers are wonderful bathroom accessories since they create a cozy atmosphere while allowing for an aromatherapy session. An aroma is used to enhance not only the scent of your room but provides a sense of well-being while having natural benefits like stress relief & enhanced relaxation. 

Eucalyptus plants give off a strong aroma and are reasonably priced and available at local farmers’ markets or Trader Joe’s. You can hang the eucalyptus branches in the shower and it is a fantastic stress reliever and instantly freshens the bathroom when combined with steam.

When using house plants to create natural aromas make sure to rinse them off after bringing them home or spray them with neem oil to reduce bugs and critters that may be hiding in them. For decorative purposes, plants that thrive on moisture such as pathos and ferns are excellent bathroom plants that add an organic feel and appeal.

Variegate the Bathroom Vanity

Most bathrooms center around the vanity, and the design can determine the attractiveness of the bathroom space. For a quick revamp, you could visit an antique shop to repurpose an old cabinet or simply paint the one you already have. Don’t forget about your light fixture! A new lighting fixture is simple to install and may completely alter the appearance of your bathroom.

Next, you’ll definitely want to swap the fixture for something tasteful and unique. This little swap makes a huge difference in your bathroom makeover. If you’re feeling up for a slight challenge, switching up the countertop top is an option to consider. Your bathroom will feel brand new once you replace your old vanity and spruce it up with new fixtures. 

Beautify the Bathtub

Repair and maintaining bathtubs (and showers) rather than replacement can be your best option. For example, If the problem is mainly cosmetic, such as a yellowed surface, with maybe a few cracks, a repair will do. A repair is not to be confused with a long-term fix if the issue is more serious. 

The lifespan of liners, which require professional installation, is a few years. Bathtub refinishing is more is less expensive and makes the overall appearance more attractive without having to fully replace and remodel. If a bathtub has nicks, gouges, or flaking paint, you can repair those areas without replacing the entire surface.

The next step after completely refinishing the tub surface is a touch-up. Some products for touch-ups, like Super Glue White Porcelain Repair, are as simple to use as toothpaste. 

Pretty in Paint For Your Bathroom Remodel

Adding wallpaper is another popular improvement; vinyl works best for bathrooms because of its higher moisture-prevention barrier. Don’t be scared to be bold; here are some lovely examples of daring wallpaper selections.

Installing a painted beaded-board just past the halfway point of the wall would serve as a final touch to help it balance out and encourage the eye to go upward. Creating two-toned walls with careful color selection, and using contrasting hues is a classic design choice. If you’re doing a small bathroom remodel and space is a concern then contrasting colors will make the space appear larger. 

Can’t decide on a color? Before deciding, paint a few color samples on the walls, allow them to dry, and look at them in full daylight. 

Bathrooms are typically the right place for light, breezy hues. Go bold and match the wallpaper or consider airy, green colors. Here is a great resource for choosing bathroom wall colors.

When focusing on the walls don’t forget about the finishing touches such as artwork on the walls and curtain selection. Depending on the theme and color scheme, you’ll definitely want to add a piece of artwork to give your bathroom a completed and homey feel. Etsy can help you find get a more personalized item for the space while supporting local artists and craftsmen. 

Freshen up the Flooring

Another simple weekend job is a flooring upgrade. There are several ways to update your bathroom floor if it is appearing weary. It’s easy but effective to use bold tiles, play with texture or add accents to an existing floor. Create a square area in the room to resemble a rug with tile or a pebbled floor in the shower. 

If a stone is out of your price range, a laminate or vinyl floor is an affordable alternative. Peel and stick is a fantastic approach to use this concept and increase the variety of flooring and tile possibilities.

Bathroom Remodel in South Florida 

If you are interested in upgrading your bathroom design but would like some help and professional advice from a general contractor, contact Williams Remodel for a free estimate. We specialize in bathroom, kitchen and full home remodels. Our services are located throughout all of Palm Beach and Broward counties. 


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